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Green Tea Anti Freckle Skin Care Whitening Cream

Green Tea Anti Freckle Skin Care Whitening Cream

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After cleansing the face every morning and evening, apply appropriate amount of freckle cream (night cream) / whitening repair cream (daily), and gently massage until completely absorbed. Ingredients: Active natural green tea extract, seaweed extract, active pearl extract, amino acid, tea polyphenols, etc.

Efficacy: the unique natural green tea formula, cool and comfortable, strong penetration, instantly penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin, remove the skin surface melanin, and prevent pigmentation and Zhen Zhen stain formation, effectively eliminate stains and dark spots.

Fast net White skin, dilute facial blemishes, repair damaged cells, the full complement of skin moisture and nutrients needed to activate cell tissue, make skin healthy, rosy, rosy Usage:

After cleansing morning and evening, take appropriate amount of this product in the palm of your hand gently massage in the face for a circular motion, washed with water, with the use of this series of products more significant effect.
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